David R Bunch

Bunch! by David R Bunch

I’m not in this business to describe or explain or entertain.  I’m here to make the reader think, even if I have to bash his teeth out, break his legs, grind him up, beat him down and totally chastise him for the terrible and tinsel and almost wholly bad world we allow… The first level reader, who wants to see events jerk their tawdry ways through some used and USED old plot — I love him with a hate bigger than all the world’s pity, but he’s not for me.  The reader I want is the one who wants the anguish, who will go up there and get on that big black cross.  And that reader will have, with me, the saving grace of knowing that some awful payment is due… as all space must look askance at us, all galaxies send star frowns down, a cosmic leer envelop this small ball that had such great Great GREAT pretenders.  –David Bunch




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