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Barbéri, Jacques

August 18, 2010

The Ferryman by Jacques Barbéri (Translated by Michael Shreve), InTranslation (The Brooklyn Rail), August 2010.

Dressed in his dying panoply, the ferryman, dreamer, contemplates the changes in the photographic image. The fall of his body. The fingers caress the mutilated corpses. These little beings that wait for him to cross from this world into the other.

A landscape of calm suffering.


Jacques Barbéri

August 2, 2010

Isanve by Jacques Barbéri, M-Brane #19, August 2010.

A first for M-Brane SF this month is an item in translation. Michael Shreve renders into English French writer Jacques Barbéri’s “Isanve.” Remember how I said that Scarber’s story was set in the weirdest milieu I had seen here lately? Well, Barbéri’s is a close competitor for that distinction. I cannot risk spoilers by saying much at all about this story, but think of “psychomachines” with faces of farm animals, and a trapped soul. Shreve’s English rendering is so lovely that I badly wish that I could read French and compare it with Barbéri’s original.

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