Jacques Barbéri

Slowing Apocalypse: A tribute to J.G. Ballard by Palo Alto
Zip pouch, 1 DVD-r + 1 photo + 1 badge + booklet 8 pp – text by Jacques Barbéri (trans. into English by Michael Shreve)

J.G. Ballard (1930-2009) can be considered as one of the great writers of the 20th century. Jacques Barbéri, who acknowledges his influence, renders homage in the text Slowing Apocalypse (from the book J.G. Ballard, Hautes Altitudes). The Ballard universe can be, at the same time…
Poetic: Vermillion Sands
Oneiric: The Unlimited Dream Company
Experimental: Atrocity Exhibition
Hyperrealist and Pornographic: Crash

Slowing is a “Literary” Performance mixing text, music and video. It interprets all facets of this master of the imaginary.
The group Palo Alto which, since 1989 has mixed culture jazz, rock and contemporary exploration, is made up of four musicians and one video artist:

Jacques Barbéri (saxophone, text, voice, laptop) 

Philippe Perreaudin (synthesizer, tapes, laptop) 

Denis Frajerman (percussion, guitars) 

Laurent Pernice (double bass, laptop) 

Gilles Bénéjam (video)

get it HERE


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