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Remy de Gourmont

May 1, 2011

Hell by Remy de Gourmont (tr. by Michael Shreve) at the Café Irreal, Issue 38, Spring 2011.

In his humble cell, criss-crossed with light coming not from the nascent dawn or from the dying flame, the illustrious Heretic was writing. At the head of his little Warning, he had put this irrefutable aphorism, the foundation of every serious morality: THERE IS A HELL.



Charles de Fieux Chevalier de Mouhy

May 1, 2011

Lamekis by Charles de Fieux Chevalier de Mouhy (translated with an introduction by Michael Shreve), Black Coat Press, 2011.

A legion of monsters surrounded Falbao and his famous strength was fighting with raging valor in vain. And in vain did the death of a hundred monsters, heaped up around him, work as a defense for the stalwart animal — and the pile was growing. The advantage that I saw him have over the worm men was of no account here. He was preparing to die. He was already staggering, covered with blood and wounds, and was slowly waning under the attacks of the cruel enemies.


Lamekis turns out to be even more wildly imaginative and entertaining than I had anticipated, almost psychedelic at points in its description of the weird beings… Lamekis was first published in 1735-38, but prospective readers should not be put off by any expectation that the work reads in an antiquated fashion; Shreve has done a phenomenal job here of making this delightful work come alive.
–Christopher Paul Carey

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