from Sébastien Faure, The Anarchist Encyclopedia, 1934.

The disgust you feel at the approach of certain beings. Something that tells you “Get away.” Some handshakes, some looks are extremely unpleasant. We experience a justified repulsion for journalists who are more or less compromised, for filthy, envious colleagues, for selfish, ambitious comrades, for the young old men. And the middle-class louts are repulsive, the bourgeois, the pedantic, the prigs, the false artists, the turncoats, the pontiffs, and don’t forget the censors and police—everyone who represents regression, retreat and a reaction—everyone contrary or “our” dreams, “our” ideals, “our” aspirations—everyone who is not “ours.”


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2 Responses to “Antipathy”

  1. groupaffect Says:

    This is great! Are you aware of this project?:

    If I may nitpick, I wonder if an error in the source isn’t leading to a mistranslation of a word?

    “everyone who represents regression, retreat and unreaction”

    Are you going by this?:

    “tout ce qui représente une régression, une rétrogradation, uneréaction”

    It seems like it should say “une réaction”, so it would be reaction, not unreaction

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