The marriage feast is a theater where the rivalry of honor is expressed in songs, oratory games and gestures, from the most noble to the most vulgar, but also in the most eccentric behavior, from the realm of genies, reversing the order of society and the order of the universe to create a new space without any other framework than that of chaos and the void.

from La Tente déchirée

from Seven Fevers and a Moon

tongue chapped like the crocodile’s neck
i lead three ships
the first loaded with logs of the past
the second full of stars and volcano branches
that will stud the desert of the future
the third my body
bridge of fire poised between two shores of wind
Line up
line up along my spinal column
My voice is the harness of lightning
nailing the memory
onto the face of the dawn
Above the hive
that unites truth and lie
in the center of the flash
that fuses life and death
i stand up on the ashes
of what was once my reason
I scream i stammer i stretch
i bear tangled the ribbons of flame


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