Pierre Pelot

The Child Who Walked On The Sky and But What If The Butterflies Cheat? by Pierre Pelot (translated with an Introduction by Michael Shreve), Black Coat Press, 2012.

Report on Student-Subject 23 from special class 45. At the end of the teaching cycle, he has obtained negative results and is to be led to the Death Chamber, as the Law of Zod demands…

Pierre Pelot is one of the grandmasters of modern French science fiction. His writing career spans over 40 years and includes over 200 novels in various genres, from westerns to science fiction, and crime thrillers to prehistoric novels. His books have been translated into twenty languages. However, this is his first translation into English.

The Child Who Walked on the Sky (1972) is Pelot’s third science fiction novel, in which a maladjusted eight-year old is forced to flee the strange, artificial world of Zod, but his search for truth and a better life will take him to an entirely new world, beyond even his imagination.

What If Butterflies Cheat? (1974) is a masterpiece reminiscent of Philip K. Dick, taking place in a bizarre, dystopic future America where a wave of mental illnesses may be attempts at communication by entities beyond reality itself.

Includes a Bibliography

Available at Black Coat Press


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