Hermann Paul2 from Sébastien Faure, The Anarchist Encyclopedia, 1934.

One who cannot be satisfied, sated. “There are two hungers that are never sated: that for knowledge and that for riches.” (Oriental saying)

The Insatiable, in the literal sense of the word, the “great eater”, no longer seems to enjoy the high regard he once had. History tells us, in fact, that the great festivities, even among the most “cultivated” of the monarchs, were never held without gargantuan meals and their majesties themselves took naïve pride in the huge quantities of food that they wolfed down while under the tables the few lucky hungry waited for a bone. The race of gluttons is certainly far from being extinct, but at least it has lost a great deal of its prestige.

The fashion now is for those insatiable for glory and riches. Let’s skip the butchers—they are judged and history proves that they are replete with glory only after their massacres, when they hypocritical say something like “I loved war too much…” and posterity will be indulgent and just wipe the slate clean.

As for the financiers, we know that it is their insatiability that cost us a war yesterday, that costs us a war today and that will cost us a war tomorrow. But what can we do? Who is powerful enough to rein in their appetites? “They people,” you might say, “if…”
Certainly if… but let’s not deal with assumptions. Right now the financiers rule everywhere, in the political parties just like in the temples of all faiths.

The real needs of a man are, however, minimal and the riches accumulated by the maniacs of gold are totally out of proportion. Fortune is desirable only in so far as it satisfies our needs; it is only a means of exchange… but the sages have cried out in vain for centuries that happiness lies not in things but in pleasure: turning their back on the goal, our insatiable pot-bellies frantically pursue the means! Poor people, basically, but… poor us!


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