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André Caroff

November 2, 2013

Mark of MA The Mark of Madame Atomos by André Caroff (adapted by Michael Shreve

”You have been dangerous, courageous and intelligent adversaries. Your disappearance will be the symbol of my triumph because there will be nobody else to foil my projects so skillfully. Goodbye, Smith Beffort! Goodbye, Mie Azusa! Hiroshima! Nagasaki! Compliments of Madame Atomos!”


The Mark of Madame Atomos
The Woman in the High Castle (short story by Michel Stéphan)

The Cold War of Madame Atomos
Before the War, Five Dragons Roar (short story by Peter Rawlik)

In this eighth volume, Madame Atomos, fully rejuvenated, is back, deadlier than ever, exacting a terrible toll on her enemies, plotting to release deadly bacteria in Oakland and spreading terror with her new freeze ray…

The Mark of Madame Atomos available at Black Coat Press.


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