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André Caroff

March 3, 2014

atomos09-02 The Spheres of Madame Atomos by André Caroff
 (adapted by Michael Shreve)

He heard the crowd screaming, saw the other tigers rushing among the spectators, heard their death cries and their bones breaking. Then he was standing, stricken with a white panic, running, catching glimpses of mangled bodies in a bloody human mass, and the quiet, hard-working tigers killed methodically.


The Slaves of Madame Atomos [Mme Atomos Cherche la Petite Bête] (1970)

Mme Atomos’ Holidays (short story by J.-M. Lofficier)

The Spheres of Madame Atomos [Les Sphères de Mme Atomos] (1979)

With the Compliments of Nestor Burma (short story by Michel Stéphan)

A Day in the Life of Mme Atomos (short story by Xavier Mauméjean)

Mme Atomos Timeline by J.-M. Lofficier

In this ninth volume, Madame Atomos, fully rejuvenated, is back, deadlier than ever, controlling the minds of men and beasts and spreading terror with her new miniaturized spheres…

Available at Black Coat Press


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