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Madame Atomos

October 1, 2014

atomos10-02 The Wrath of Madame Atomos
 by Michel & Sylvie Stéphan (
adapted by Michael Shreve) 
based on the character 
created by André Caroff, Black Coat Press, 2014

“You’ll see everything from the inside, Mr. Beffort. You’ll be able to watch the destruction of the United States from inside Madame Atomos’ very own quarters…”


Madame Atomos Sows the Whirlwind [Mme Atomos Sème la Tempête] (2013)

Madame Atomos Bets on Death [Mme Atomos Parie sur la Mort] (2014)

In this tenth volume, the first in a series of new adventures taking place in the 1970s, Madame Atomos sets Los Angeles ablaze with new riots and threatens Las Vegas with nuclear annihilation…

Available at Black Coat Press


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