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13-Sugar Strikes and Bullfights

August 23, 2015

So, the world is like a vast corrida that people get drunk on and they will pay to watch the slaughter even if it is illegal.

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Secrets of the Salon

August 16, 2015

My favorite heroes in real life… The anonymous

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How I Interviewed the Pope

August 12, 2015

Their selfishness adapts to what their duty should want to see abolished—like the judges whom the end of crime, the return of the Golden Age would put out of work in a new society and so they acclimate themselves to it.

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The Pope and Anti-Semitism

August 9, 2015

“So, the religious war?”

“The two words do not go together!” And the hand that wears the episcopal ring makes a categorical gesture.

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12-Pope Leo XIII

August 6, 2015

Séverine got the crazy idea that she would interview the Pope to find out his opinion on anti-Semitism.

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