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17-The Dreyfus Affair Begins

November 30, 2015

Her involvement in the affair was not so much in support of the officer himself, but against all the lies and hypocrisy.

Source: 17-The Dreyfus Affair Begins


What Did the Men Do?

November 22, 2015

“The messieurs threw me to the ground and trampled me underfoot. They beat the ladies with their fists to get out faster. It was a young girl who saved me.”

Source: What Did the Men Do?

16-Bilking Panama and Burning Chivalry

November 15, 2015

Not only the guilty parties, but the whole government and all its cohorts were to blame—from the power mongers to the parasites, the entire system was corrupt.

Source: 16-Bilking Panama and Burning Chivalry

Tired of Living

November 8, 2015

Will you put all the knives and dynamite in the world under lock and key? Will you guillotine or strangle the spirit of revolt forever? You know very well that you will not!

Source: Tired of Living

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