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18-La Frondeuse

December 27, 2015

“I prefer to be a young old woman than an old young woman,”

severine9 18-La Frondeuse


The Accused

December 21, 2015

No embarrassing truth is accepted—and that is how the falsehoods that the gullible abuse are created today.

Source: The Accused

Tales of the Shadowmen: Carte Blanche

December 13, 2015


Tales of the Shadowmen, vol. 12 : Carte Blanche, edited by J.M. and Randy Lofficier, translations by Michael Shreve, Black Coat Press, 2015.

Carte Blanche! The complete freedom to act without restrictions! When heroes let their passions or thirst for justice go unchecked, and villains go wild, spreading chaos and destruction!

Doctor Ardan meet the People of the Pole! Doctor Omega teams up with Ki-Gor to find the secret of the Yeti! Maigret, Father Brown and Dr. Watson face a terrifying supernatural threat! Felifax ends up on Dr. Moreau’s island. Sâr Dubnotal and the Werewolf of Paris fight the vampires! Arsene Lupin duels with Raffles! Captain Vampire defies the Reds! Rouletabille is trapped on the Mysterious Island! Spiridon investigates a vampire murder in Paris! The Phantom of the Opera finds death in Persia! Sherlock Holmes meets Lecoq and Mephista Leonox!

In this twelfth volume of Tales of the Shadowmen, the only anthology dedicated to international heroes and villains of pulp literature, writers from Canada, England, France and the United States, pay homage to those great champions and master criminals who enchanted our adolescence.

available at Black Coat Press

About the Enigma

December 13, 2015

For, that is where we are. To say what you think, no matter how reasonable and polite, constitutes a danger and exposes you to attack by stone-throwing, mud-slinging hands.

Source: About the Enigma

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