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20-On the Road

February 28, 2016

Refusing to vote was a radical break from the democratic tradition, but the parliamentary system, she insisted, was a lure to allow a minority in power to live off the sweat and blood of the majority.

Source: 20-On the Road


The Defenders

February 21, 2016

Today, sated, he sees that the bone is down to the marrow, that the worm is in the fruit, rotten apple to the core. And, being generous, he invites us to bite into it—it is Adam’s revenge!

Source: The Defenders

Our Work

February 14, 2016

Auguste Roubille

This evolution is worth two revolutions because it was not bloody and it liberated minds.

Source: Our Work

19-End of Dreyfus Affair

February 6, 2016


She saw how strength in numbers, in union, was potent and valuable, which she could use in her causes

Source: 19-End of Dreyfus Affair

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