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Mikhail Bakunin

January 21, 2012

Mikhail Bakunin, from Philosophical Considerations on the Divine Phantom, the Real World and Humanity, 1870-71.

You would say that in searching for himself, through all his wanderings and historic transformations, Man first had to wear out all his brutality, all his iniquity and all possible tragedies just to end up with this tiny bit of reason and justice that there is in the world today.

God exists—therefore man is a slave.
Man is intelligent, just and free—therefore God does not exist.
We challenge anyone to avoid this circle. So now, let’s choose.

What all governments, all politicians, all men who consider themselves either officially or unofficially pastors of the people, most of whom are neither Christian or even Deist today but freethinkers who believe in neither God nor the Devil—they still ostensibly protect all these religions provided that these religions teach (like all the others) resignation, patience and submission.

The destruction of the ideas and cults of religions is one of the most urgent because until religious ideas are uprooted from the imagination of the people, the emancipation of the populace will be impossible.

It is by searching for the impossible that man has always recognized and achieved the possible and those who are wisely limited to what seems possible to them have never moved one step forward.

I need to know things that have an immediate affect on me, but to know them I need to know what acts on them and thus unto infinity. Wherefrom I have to know everything.

We have to destroy this science through general education, for men and women alike, among the masses, so that they stop being the masses, that passive, suffering matter of historic developments, and become a truly human society, intelligent and composed of really free individuals able to take their historic destinies in their own hands from now on.


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