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David R. Bunch

February 9, 2011

The Heartacher and the Warehouseman by David R. Bunch

fool around. He was unnecessarily taking up
my time. He was BOTHERING me.) I had parts to
sort out and things to catalogue. There well might be
a new shipment of metal windpipes today, or maybe
the latest prosthesis for the metal brain drains on head pans,
due any day now. Or a new breakthrough in fingers.
Or lungs. A warehouseman’s job is not an easy one. Try it
sometime! And I was Chief. Along with all the other
parts, I! was the only One who had the hearts…

The Heartacher and the Warehouseman


David R. Bunch

November 20, 2010

Moderan by David R. Bunch

Quaint they were, these records, strange and ancient, washed to shore when the Moderan sea finally thawed. Played in the old-fashioned machine way we, the beam people, the Essenceland Dream people, easily divined, they told of a very different world, a transition world, if you will, between what we are now and the death and defeat these people hoped to overcome. New-metal man! It does have a ring. MODERAN! It did seem pretty great in concept, I’m sure, and, who knows, perhaps it had a reasonable chance for success. But all societies, all civilizations, all aspirations it seems must fail the unremitting tugs of shroudly time, finally, leaving only little bones, fossils, a shoe turned to stone maybe, a bone button in the sea perhaps, a jeweled memento of an old love. In this case, tapes were left, wherein a great “King” had set down his story of hopes, fears, wars — yes, WARS! Perhaps this “King” was a writer of some skill, a kind of doomed King James. His prose does have a flair, although sometimes it turns tedious, I’m afraid; sometimes he belabors the obvious and becomes vague when he needs to elucidate; sometimes he’s fat when he needs to be lean, lean when fat would be better. Or at least it seems to me these things are true. But then, I am the true machine efficiency, here as essence man, my perfections against his human flaws — quite unfair!


David R Bunch

June 19, 2010

Bunch! by David R Bunch

I’m not in this business to describe or explain or entertain.  I’m here to make the reader think, even if I have to bash his teeth out, break his legs, grind him up, beat him down and totally chastise him for the terrible and tinsel and almost wholly bad world we allow… The first level reader, who wants to see events jerk their tawdry ways through some used and USED old plot — I love him with a hate bigger than all the world’s pity, but he’s not for me.  The reader I want is the one who wants the anguish, who will go up there and get on that big black cross.  And that reader will have, with me, the saving grace of knowing that some awful payment is due… as all space must look askance at us, all galaxies send star frowns down, a cosmic leer envelop this small ball that had such great Great GREAT pretenders.  –David Bunch


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