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P.J. Herrault

January 30, 2015

clone rebellion The Clone Rebellion by P.J. Herrault (adapted by Michael Shreve), Black Coat Press, 2015

“Don’t run away, Jivane. It’s our battle. We have the right to a normal life, like any other human. To save all the clones, including us, you must fight!”

If there is a common thread in P.-J. Hérault’s works, it is the futility of armed conflict and their author’s deep aversion to violence. Ironically, while many of his heroes are former military, they never hesitate to take the measures necessary to survive and achieve peace and justice, as is the case with THE CLONE REVELLION, published in 2005. For centuries, the Great Federation of Sirius has been at war with the Vegian Confederacy. However, the millions of soldiers dying on the stellar battlefields are not men, but armies of clones genetically engineered to be starship troopers. One day, one of them, Coordinator Jivane Perich, becomes aware of this monstrous injustice and, on the eve of the most formidable battle of this forever war, decides to lead a Clone Rebellion… P.J. Hérault is a grandmaster of French science fiction who has been favorably compared by genre scholars and critics to such figures as Robert Heinlein, David Weber and Peter F. Hamilton. In 2009, he was awarded the prestigious Cyrano life achievement award.

Les Clones Deviants (2005)
Introduction and Notes by Jean-Marc Lofficier.

Available at Black Coat Press and other outlets…


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