Raymond, Jean-Paul

dicksoncov02-02 The Mystery of the Byzantine Mosaic by Jean-Paul Raymond (translated by Michael Shreve) in HARRY DICKSON
: From The Secret Files of
 The King of Detectives
 (adapted by 
J-M. & R. Lofficier), Black Coat Press, 2014.

When inhuman monsters walk the Earth, threatening the good and the helpless, Justice has no stronger defenders than Harry Dickson and his assistant Tom Wills, who fight the forces of evil and cast them back into the Darkness from whence they came.

Harry Dickson began as an unauthorized Sherlock Holmes pulp series in Germany in 1907, before changing its name and morphing into a hugely popular saga in Holland, Belgium and France, with 178 issues published between 1927 and 1938, especially after it was entrusted to the editorship of Belgian horrormeister Jean Ray. 

This volume includes two original episodes plus 16 short stories paying homage of the greatest Holmesian pastiche of all times.

In Harry Dickson Vs. The Spider, Dickson meets his greatest foe, the cunning and merciless Georgette Cuvelier, a.k.a. Madame Spider, daughter of the detective’s earlier nemesis, the monstrous Professor Flax.
 In The Phantom Executioners, the diabolical Georgette has sworn to revenge herself upon Harry Dickson, but can she do so if she’s also fallen in love with her enemy?

Available at Black Coat Press


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