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The Nyctalope And The Tower Of Babel

January 10, 2018

The Nyctalope And The Tower Of Babel by Jean de La Hire and Emmanuel Gorlier (adapted by Jessica Sequeira and Michael Shreve). Cover by Ladönn. Black Coat Press, 2018.

In The Cross of Blood, a friend of Leo Saint-Clair, Jacques d’Hermont, calls for his help because he and his family are slowly dying from of a mysterious disease. The Nyctalope investigates and discovers a new, deadly foe: Armand Logreux d’Albury, the so-called “Master of the Seven Lights,” lurking in the Castle of The Cross of Blood… Six years later, the Nyctalope crosses paths again with Logreux d’Albury and another of his arch-enemies, Engineer Korridès, while his son, Pierre, is on a perilous expedition in Africa searching for the legendary Tower of Babel…
Leo Saint-Clair, alias the Nyctalope, was created in 1911 by Jean de La Hire, one of France’s most prolific serial writers. Gifted with night vision, hypnotic powers and an artificial heart, Saint-Clair is a fearless hero who battles colorful super-villains.

This book includes an original novel by La Hire penned in 1941, and a new sequel written by Emmanuel Gorlier.

Introduction by Jean-Marc Lofficier
La Croix de Sang (1941)
La Tour de Babel (2015)

Available at Black Coat Press


The Sins of Madame Atomos

October 14, 2017

THE SINS OF MADAME ATOMOS by Michel & Sylvie Stéphan (adapted by Michael Shreve)based on the character created by André Caroff, cover by Jean-Michel Ponzio, Black Coat Press, 2017

The screams behind the door became agonizing. The men felt a grisly shiver run down their spines. Beffort’s body was now entirely buried in the sand, except for his head and shoulders…

The deadly Madame Atomos is a brilliant but twisted Japanese scientist who is out to revenge herself against the United States for the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where she lost her family. Opposing her are Smith Beffort of the FBI and Yosho Akamatsu of the Japanese Secret Police.

In 1972, the US Government is preparing to return the island of Okinawa to Japan. The Atomos Organization intends to strike the American base still on the island. They approach Richard Tardif, a young American tempted by a life of adventure, for a simple mission, allegedly risk-free, a job with a great deal of money at the end. Because Madame Atomos is as devious and machiavellian as Richard is naive…

– Introduction by JM Lofficier
– Mme Atomos joue sur les maux (2015)
– Updated Timeline

Available at Black Coat Press

Charles Malato

September 4, 2017

by Charles Malato
adapted by Michael Shreve
cover by Mike Hoffman

The moqqadem whistled a strange tune and the folds of his burnous parted: the heads of snakes peeked out, their squirming coils twisted around his chest and waist.

Charles Malato (1857–1938) was a notorious French anarchist and revolutionary once accused of plotting the 1905 assassination attempt against King Alfonso XIII of Spain. Malato was also a distinguished journalist and the author of exotic adventures serials such as Lost! (1915).

Forced to hide in the still unexplored regions of Morocco, political prisoner and escapee Antonio Perez is caught in the grips of the most unexpected and most extraordinary predicaments. Lost! is original because of its Moroccan setting and contains the standard devices of lost world novels, each one more extraordinary than the last, piling mystery upon mystery, peril upon peril, such as an usurped throne, an enemy priestess, trial by combat, precious treasures, an ill-fated romance, but with unusual, original twists.

Malato’s heroes are not stereotypes, but subversive pariahs, marginal figures, escaping from society like Fantômas, Arsène Lupin and the real-life Bonnot Gang, bringing a radically different vision of the instability of the world around them.

This collection includes two other stories, The Rat and the Octopus, a Kanak Tale from New Caledonia (1885) and The Memoirs of a Gorilla (1901).

Available at Black Coat Press


April 2, 2017


edited with introductions by J-M. Lofficier; translations by Michael Shreve
cover by Michel Borderie

Foreword by Michael Moorcock. Stories by Matthew Baugh, Pierre Bordage, Richard Canal, Fabrice Colin, John Davey, Paul DiFilippo, Johan Heliot, Travis Hiltz, J.-M. & Randy Lofficier, Xavier Mauméjean, Michael Moorcock, Christian Vilà, Daniel Walther, Ehrich Weiss and Tony White. Translations by Michael Shreve. Introductions by J.-M. Lofficier.

Elric of Melinoboné… Duke Dorian Hawkmoon of Köln… Prince Corum Jhaelen Irsei of the Scarlet Robe… The unflappable English Assassin Jerry Cornelius… Time-lost Oswald Bastable… Count Renark von Bek of the Sundered Worlds… Over the years, Michael Moorcock has captivated readers with his unending versions of the Eternal Champion, the timeless warrior who serves the Cosmic Balance in the ongoing battle that rages between Law and Chaos through the many planes and levels of the multiverse.

This volume features all of the characters mentioned above and more, collecting two stories written by Michael Moorcock for the Tales of the Shadowmen series, sixteen more stories by some of America, England and France’s best-loved sf and fantasy writers , plus a foreword penned by Moorcock for an earlier French companion anthology, translated by Michael Shreve and introduced by Jean-Marc Lofficier.

Introduction by J.-M. Lofficier
Michael Moorcock: Foreword to The Gate of Worlds
Michael Moorcock: The Affair of the Bassin des Hivers
Matthew Baugh: The Garden of Everything
Pierre Bordage: The Archivist
Richard Canal: The Child of the Future
Fabrice Colin: Eulogy for The Abyss Fish
John Davey: An Organ of Bones
John Davey: Death of a Dark Ship
Paul DiFilippo: The Stealer of Marketshare
Johan Heliot: The Music of Souls
Travis Hiltz: War on the Moon
Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier: J.C. in Alphaville
Xavier Mauméjean: Qayin
Christian Vilà: Brother of the Hyenas
Daniel Walther: Heart of Ice
Tony White: Stormbringer
Tony White: The Jet Set Girls
Ehrich Weiss: Renark’s Dream
Michael Moorcock: The Icon Crackdown

available at Black Coat Press

Jimmy Guieu

November 15, 2016


THE POLARIAN-DENEBIAN WAR 2. SPACE COMMANDOS by Jimmy Guieu (adapted by Michael Shreve)

In the second half of the series, the space war between Polarians and Denebians heats up, with Earth stuck in the middle. Jean Kariven is forced to join his space friends and take part in an assault on the enemy’s cosmic stronghold. The series ends as it began, on a trip through time showing the changes wrought by the war.

Introduction by Jean-Marc Lofficier.
4. Commandos de l’Eespace [Space Commandos] (1955)
5. Nos Ancêtres de l’Avenir [Our Ancestors from the Future] (1956)
6. Prisonniers du Passé [Prisoners of the Past] (1956)

Henri-René “Jimmy” Guieu (1926-2000) was one of the leading French SF authors of the 1950s and 60s, before he turned to the exploration of UFOs and parapsychological phenomena. In this classic six-volume saga (presented in English in two volumes), written in 1954 through 1956, Guieu introduced his signature hero, French paleoanthropologist Jean Kariven, and imagined that Earth was secretly caught in a vast space-time war pitting the benevolent Polarians against the aggressive Denebians. Guieu sprinkled the books with some of his favorite themes, such as UFOs, alien encounters and ancient astronauts, while delivering fast-paced SF adventure.

Available at Black Coat Press

Jimmy Guieu

July 9, 2016

kariven01-02 THE POLARIAN-DENEBIAN WAR 1. OPERATION APHRODITE by Jimmy Guieu (adapted by Michael Shreve)

“What you thought was green paint was their real skin. I told you, Mr. Kariven, that these beings are not human… They come from another world!”

In the first three novels, Jean Kariven discovers the origins of the conflict in precataclysmic Lemuria, then finds further evidence of the war during a Moon landing, before finally being drafted into battle in the third novel, where Earth’s entire future is at stake.

Introduction by Richard D. Nolane.
1. La Spirale du Temps [The Time Spiral] (1954)
2. Opération Aphrodite [Operation Aphrodite] (1955)
3. L’Homme de l’Espace [The Man from Outer Space](1955)

Henri-René “Jimmy” Guieu (1926-2000) was one of the leading French SF authors of the 1950s and 60s, before he turned to the exploration of UFOs and parapsychological phenomena. In this classic six-volume saga (presented in English in two volumes), written in 1954 through 1956, Guieu introduced his signature hero, French paleoanthropologist Jean Kariven, and imagined that Earth was secretly caught in a vast space-time war pitting the benevolent Polarians against the aggressive Denebians. Guieu sprinkled the books with some of his favorite themes, such as UFOs, alien encounters and ancient astronauts, while delivering fast-paced SF adventure.

Available at Black Coat Press

Tales of the Shadowmen: Carte Blanche

December 13, 2015


Tales of the Shadowmen, vol. 12 : Carte Blanche, edited by J.M. and Randy Lofficier, translations by Michael Shreve, Black Coat Press, 2015.

Carte Blanche! The complete freedom to act without restrictions! When heroes let their passions or thirst for justice go unchecked, and villains go wild, spreading chaos and destruction!

Doctor Ardan meet the People of the Pole! Doctor Omega teams up with Ki-Gor to find the secret of the Yeti! Maigret, Father Brown and Dr. Watson face a terrifying supernatural threat! Felifax ends up on Dr. Moreau’s island. Sâr Dubnotal and the Werewolf of Paris fight the vampires! Arsene Lupin duels with Raffles! Captain Vampire defies the Reds! Rouletabille is trapped on the Mysterious Island! Spiridon investigates a vampire murder in Paris! The Phantom of the Opera finds death in Persia! Sherlock Holmes meets Lecoq and Mephista Leonox!

In this twelfth volume of Tales of the Shadowmen, the only anthology dedicated to international heroes and villains of pulp literature, writers from Canada, England, France and the United States, pay homage to those great champions and master criminals who enchanted our adolescence.

available at Black Coat Press

Maurice Limat

September 1, 2015


Mephista by Maurice Limat (adapted by Michael Shreve), Black Coat Press, 2015

“I am hatred… I am evil… I am death… I AM MEPHISTA!”

Who is Mephista? Is she a fictional character born of the minds of screenwriters? Or is she a demon from the bowels of Hell itself? Meet Edwige Hossegor, the beautiful and kind-hearted actress whose evil alter ego kills mercilessly; the equally stunning Olga Mervil, who is ready to sign a pact with Satan in order to replace Edwige; a movie studio plagued by mysterious murders; a cult of devil worshippers in the cartacombs of Paris; and a deadly circus of freaks… At the center of it all is Teddy Verano, the P.I. whose mission in life is to expose monsters and defeat evil!

Maurice Limat, who passed away in 2002, was the dean of French popular fiction, having begun his career in 1936 and published well over 500 novels in every genre. This book collects the first three novels in his popular Mephista series from the late 60s/early 70s, starring his signature character, Teddy Verano.

Also included in this volume are an autobiographical article by Limat himself, and articles about Verano and Mephista.


  1. Mephista [Mephista] (1969)
  2. Mephista vs Mephista [Mephista contre Mephista] (1969)
  3. The Scarlet Clown [Mephista et le Clown Ecarlate] (1970)
  4. Introduction by Jean-Marc Lofficier
  5. The Man of a Million Words by Maurice Limat
  6. The Life and Times of Teddy Verano by Jean-Marc Lofficier
  7. Whence Mephista? by Artikel Unbekannt

Available at Black Coat Press and other outlets

P.J. Herrault

January 30, 2015

clone rebellion The Clone Rebellion by P.J. Herrault (adapted by Michael Shreve), Black Coat Press, 2015

“Don’t run away, Jivane. It’s our battle. We have the right to a normal life, like any other human. To save all the clones, including us, you must fight!”

If there is a common thread in P.-J. Hérault’s works, it is the futility of armed conflict and their author’s deep aversion to violence. Ironically, while many of his heroes are former military, they never hesitate to take the measures necessary to survive and achieve peace and justice, as is the case with THE CLONE REVELLION, published in 2005. For centuries, the Great Federation of Sirius has been at war with the Vegian Confederacy. However, the millions of soldiers dying on the stellar battlefields are not men, but armies of clones genetically engineered to be starship troopers. One day, one of them, Coordinator Jivane Perich, becomes aware of this monstrous injustice and, on the eve of the most formidable battle of this forever war, decides to lead a Clone Rebellion… P.J. Hérault is a grandmaster of French science fiction who has been favorably compared by genre scholars and critics to such figures as Robert Heinlein, David Weber and Peter F. Hamilton. In 2009, he was awarded the prestigious Cyrano life achievement award.

Les Clones Deviants (2005)
Introduction and Notes by Jean-Marc Lofficier.

Available at Black Coat Press and other outlets…

Madame Atomos

October 1, 2014

atomos10-02 The Wrath of Madame Atomos
 by Michel & Sylvie Stéphan (
adapted by Michael Shreve) 
based on the character 
created by André Caroff, Black Coat Press, 2014

“You’ll see everything from the inside, Mr. Beffort. You’ll be able to watch the destruction of the United States from inside Madame Atomos’ very own quarters…”


Madame Atomos Sows the Whirlwind [Mme Atomos Sème la Tempête] (2013)

Madame Atomos Bets on Death [Mme Atomos Parie sur la Mort] (2014)

In this tenth volume, the first in a series of new adventures taking place in the 1970s, Madame Atomos sets Los Angeles ablaze with new riots and threatens Las Vegas with nuclear annihilation…

Available at Black Coat Press

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