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The Broken Mirror

September 8, 2016

The enslaved minorities, national or conquered, have to make a sound; they have to make their demands heard, to express their suffering and hopes.

Source: The Broken Mirror


They Wanted It

August 13, 2016

What have you done with the public funds? What have you done with our army? What have you done with our future?

Source: They Wanted It

Prayer to the Nameless

May 22, 2016

Because it costs dearly to serve you, it allows me to proudly claim my title to disgrace.

Source: Prayer to the Nameless

22-Horrors of War

May 1, 2016

Ce qu'il faut dire--Censored

And with her usual insight she watched the people stretching out their docile necks, ready for the knife.

Source: 22-Horrors of War

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